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Study about toner cartridge parts
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Organic Photo-Conductor (OPC) Drum

OPC drum is an aluminium cylinder coated with light-sensitive

organic photo-conductive material.The drum is the heart of the

all-in-one cartridge, all the other components function around

it .With charging, exposing and developing, a visible image is

formed on the drum surface.





Magnetic Roller/Mag Roller


Mag roller consists of stationary magnet and  a coated aluminium

sleeve.  The mag roller attracts  toner   magnetically. It also

charges -the toner triboelectrically with the doctor blade together.

An AC/DC voltage  gives the toner a negative charge bias and transfers

the toner to the OPC.



Primary Charge Roller (PCR)


PCR is used to charge the OPC drum evenly and discharge the residual

charges on the drum. It is a cylinder constructed of metal axle and

conductive  rubber.






Wiper Blade


Wiper blade is against the OPC drum to clean the drum by  wiping

away the toner that  was not  transferred to the media.  The blade 

is  consist  of  a  metal  stamping  and olyurethane blade.



Doctor Blade /Metering Blade


Doctor blade is constructed of a metal stamping and a polyurethane

blade. It uniformly meters the  amount of toner on the  mag roller,

and  charge the  toner via friction.

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